About the CLPC

Committee Charge

The Committee on the Literatures of People of Color (CLPC) develops projects designed to encourage dialogue across ethnic and racial boundaries and to promote intercultural perspectives on and comparative analyses of the literatures and languages of ethnic groups historically underrepresented in the United States and Canada.

Meet the Committee

Adeleke Adeeko, 2015–18
Jesse Alemán, 2016–19; 2017–19 (Coch.)
Deepika Bahri, 2017–20
Paul Devlin, 2016–19
Ricardo L. Ortiz, 2017–20
Beth Piatote, 2017–19
Karen Shimakawa, 2015–18; 2016–18 (Coch.)

Staff liaisons: Dennis Looney and Doug Steward (clpc@mla.org)

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