Critical Pedagogies

Critical Pedagogies is a space that brings together scholarship, experiences, threads, resources, and comments about teaching the literatures of people of color. The forum engages pedagogy critically by focusing on scholarship and strategies for teaching the literatures of people of color, but it’s also a site that calls for critical engagement when teaching students of color by focusing on our practices, experiences, methods, and challenges. Critical Pedagogies, in other words, balances the critical importance of teaching students of color alongside the important cultural critiques our literatures generate in and outside of the classroom.

Critical Pedagogy on the Margins: Teaching Chicana/o Literature in Rural New Mexico


“Teaching Chicana/o Literature in Community College: Social, Ethnic, and Linguistic Hybridity in Ana Castillo’s So Far from God” explores the importance of teaching ethnic literature at community colleges, and considers the social importance of Ana Castillo’s So Far From God (1993) to Southwest learners. In a time when minority education programs are being threatened by budget cuts, and are rapidly being displaced/replaced by more fiscally “lucrative” certificates and departments, Castillo’s novel demonstrates the contemporary relevance and cultural currency of traditional folklore to small communities.